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Audit and Assurance

Audit and assurance functions are core activities of any Audit Firm. In an increasingly regulated environment, fulfilling compliance has become a highly complex process requiring those undertaking such activity to be fully updated and geared for discharging the function effectively.

Some of the Audit and Assurance functions which we undertake is listed below:

  • Statutory Audits
  • Tax Audits
  • Internal Audits
  • Limited Reviews
  • Due Diligences
  • Management, Operational and Concurrent Audit
  • Various Certifications required by different laws and regulations.


Statutory Audits and Tax Audits are required to be undertaken to comply with the various laws applicable to businesses.

While the Statutory Audit is mandated by the Companies Act for all Companies, Tax Audits are required for businesses having turnover above the threshold limit.

We undertake and structure our audits based on the requirements applicable to each client after a study of the nature of business and processes being followed by the Company.

Our practises are compliant with Standards of Quality Control (SQC) set by the ICAI.

After understanding the structure of each client our approach will broadly involve the following:

  • A well- structured Audit program inclusive of Sampling Techniques based on client needs.
  • Following materiality concept and Reviewing Internal Controls
  • Primary auditing / cross checking
  • Compliance with relevant laws, Indian Accounting Standards(I-GAAP) and IND-AS and Standard Auditing Practices (SAP). In the case of Tax Audits compliance with the provisions of Income-tax Act
  • Use of statistical tools and audit software packages


In today's volatile business environment, organizations face a wide array of complex business risks. These risks come in the form of many issues: regulatory compliance, litigation, competitive market pressures, changing technology, investor demands, corporate governance, business ethics, and accountability.

  • We assist clients in effectively managing business risks by providing a full spectrum of corporate governance, risk management, and internal audit services.
  • These services are tailored to meet client's individual needs and provide effective support to management in meeting the challenges and opportunities presented by today's complex business environment.

Apart from the above we undertake various kinds of assurance activities such as Concurrent Audit, Due Diligence, Management Audit etc.